Emotive Family Photography

About Me

My Background


When I’m not capturing life I'm a mother to five children. We have four boys and one girl ranging from toddler to adult. I love landscape photography, coffee, sunsets, tacos and yoga. My most relaxing time is our yearly trip to the ocean.​ 

I've loved taking pictures since I took my first photography class in high school. I have 3 years training in school along with continuing my education through workshops, online training, and in person photographer meet ups to try out new concepts. 

I graduated from Simpson College with a BA in Marketing and a Minor in Communications.

Photography as Communication


As a photographer I use my camera to document the world around me. I love capturing life as it happens through my lens. I am a visual person and images can create so much emotion without saying a word.

Future generations will see the images we leave behind and get a sense of who we are. What we value. How we loved.

In My Bag


I work with a full frame Sony.

I prefer to use two prime lenses. My 35mm Sigma Art and 55mm Zeiss are perfect to capture moments. I also carry a couple zoom lenses just in case, but absolutely love the detail my prime lenses provide.

I am that photographer who will run around and zoom with my feet rather than my lens. 

Connect with me! I'm located in Urbandale, Iowa and would love to capture your family moments.